Economic and mental crisis

Recently, I re-uploaded my YouTube videos. I had lowered them because I gave too much importance to negative people and I stopped focusing on myself and what I love to do, which is creating thongs, thong videos and sharing that love of feeling free.

At the beginning of the year, I was left without a computer, and since then I entered into a very strong personal crisis because it was my main work tool. Sure, I have my thong-making machines and my cameras, but without a computer, I can't share my work in the same way.

At first I tried to make videos with my cell phone and edit them with an old iPad (it stuck a lot when I tried to edit), but I still managed to get a few videos, not with the same quality and at a very slow pace, but it was possible.

I asked my followers for help on social media and, to my surprise, very few tried to help me through their purchases at La Playita or subscriptions on Onlyfans to get a computer.

Not being able to get a computer, I became very frustrated. It seemed super strange to me to see thousands of people enjoying my content on YouTube and saying that they love what I do, and when I asked for help, the vast majority turned their backs on me. I felt betrayed.

Then a little common sense came into my head, and I said to myself:

"These are very difficult times, the prices of everything in the supermarket are more expensive, inflation is very aggressive. Maybe it's not that they have forgotten about me, maybe there are simply more important things to buy than TANGAS OR AN ONLYFANS."

It was there that he began to become aware of the situation. I researched it, both through online sources and by asking people on the street or acquaintances about how their business was going. They all agreed on the same answer: "The job is low" (which is an expression from here in Mexico to say that there are not many clients or work).

I don't want to get too technical, but in summary, the crisis we are experiencing is due to the fact that during the pandemic, the United States government printed a lot of money and interest rates were lowered to help people with their economy, and today we are paying it. It's a topic that I loved after diving into it (for those who don't know, I studied business administration), but as I told you, I don't want to make you dizzy with it.

Anyway, today I understand that we are all going through a difficult time and for now I can't wait for people to buy thongs or subscribe to Only. By the way, a BIG thank you to those who have purchased. I don't know what I would do without you ❤️.

So after some good therapy sessions and seeing the scenario clearer, I decided to NOT ONLY repost my videos, but put new videos on my YouTube channel because at the end of the day I love making videos, I love thongs and I I love connecting with people like me.

Thank you for reading this article to the end and please let me know your opinion in the comments.


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