No taboos!

We often receive photos of fans in thongs on our social networks, most of them are photos in which they appear hidden, their faces cannot be seen and they want us to publish their photos anonymously, if the photo is approved it is uploaded but the fact that this It is repeated so often that it makes me think that these are the type of actions that we can change so that thongs stop being taboo.

The point is that they are not only photos of people in thongs, they are photos of people enjoying their vacation to the fullest and how they like it best, like a person who uploads videos or photos daring to jump off the bungy or doing new activities

It doesn't matter if it's on the beach, in the pool or in your room. Show your face, smile and be proud of being who you are.

I invite you to be bold, do not be ashamed, people who criticize will always look for reasons to do so and if we seek to make others happy we will never be happy ourselves.

Cheer up, the jump is smaller than it seems ;)

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Excelentes pero si aún es un tabú los hombres que usamos tanga nos ven raros.

Agustín Hernández

Que genial manera de ver las cosas…creo que esta prenda hace ver a muchos muy bien y si tu lo luces pues para que ocultarlo…pronto pediré las mías y ya les estare compartiendo la imagen


Excelente, yo ya he comprado varias de ellas, soy un hombre que le gusta usar tangas como medio de vestimenta. Son increíbles, super comidas, muy sexis y creo que los hombres somos personas que podemos usarlas sin problemas

Hanz Barranco

Son muy cómodas


Excelente servicio y la ropa de excelente calidad

Héctor Saldaña Vilchis

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