The beaches of the world and prejudices

In Mexico there are many beautiful beaches, I know some of them and most of them are a paradise.
Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Escondido are some of the cities in Mexico that stand out internationally for their natural beauty, beautiful hotels and more.

I have never had a problem with the issue of thongs and people's prejudice, well only once and it was not a direct comment. We know that these types of situations can make us uncomfortable and we prefer to avoid them, that is why we want you to tell us about your experience, whether good or bad, to know where enthusiastic tango players who still find it difficult to wear one without prejudice can start using them.

There are those of us who use them without problem in many places but there are those who do not. We want to invite these people to enjoy what they really like and enjoy their vacation to the fullest without prejudices or complexes. At the end of the day there are 2 types of people, those who enjoy and those who criticize, those who enjoy are happy and those who criticize well... they criticize, who do you prefer to be?

Dare to be you!

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I live in New York City, and we are fortunate there are many area beaches where it is welcome to wear a thong and you’ll see others enjoying the look!
I go to many around the world, but theres are the ones close to me in New York City:
1. JONES BEACH, far left end-
2. SANDY HOOK, Gunnison Beach –
3. RIIS PARK BEACH, right end –
4. TWO MILE HOLLOW BEACH, left end –
5. FOWLER BEACH, left end –


Hola tangueros, yo he usado tanga en Zipolite, México y nunca tuve problemas de miradas incómodas, acá en Berlín, tampoco es un problema, eso sí, en el lugar correcto, existe un lago donde te puedes bañar en tanga y a nadie le molesta, siempre habrán miradas raras, pero lo importante es sentirse cómodo y ser uno mismo!

Carlos Flores Paredes

Usar tanga es sentirte libre hoy como hace 20 años cuando comence a usar tanga la gente hace comentarios mas malos que buenos pero hay que ignorarlos y ser uno mismo


HOLA, Yo soy de Almeria España,soy chico de 30 años y ami me gustaría usar también tangas de baño con normalidad.ya que cada vez que uso tangas de baño tiene que ser en las playas nusdistas de cabo de gata ya que por esta zona no esta muy bien visto que los chicos usemos tangas ya sean de baño o como ropa interior .saludos.


Viajamos a Cancún próximamente y queríamos saber en cuales playas podemos usar minitangas sin ningún inconveniente. Si me pueden enviar o si alguien viaja para fines de abril me gustaría conocer gente allí que use y
Tangas y disfrutarlas juntos nosotros somos matrimonio


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